Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity

Lightweight Structures LLC (LWS) has developed a lightweight composite framing system “LCF” brand named “FORTECO” utilizing light gauge steel, insulation decking and concrete combined to form a cost effective, easily installed and eco-friendly building system.
Industry:  Green Building Systems, Tilt-up Concrete Walls, Precast Walls, Basement Walls, Light Gauge Steel Panelized Framing, Concrete Floors, Single and Multi-story Commercial and Residential Building
Problem/Business Opportunity:  Current building practice is costly, slow, inefficient, and results in buildings not optimized for energy efficiency or use of recycled materials.
Solution: The system ingeniously utilizes interlocking steel and concrete with insulation as structural components for versatile, lightweight yet strong, low cost floor and wall framing, offering numerous green building design and construction options and advantages.
Current funding:  LWS is currently funded by its founder and strategic partner Germantown Iron & Steel. (GIS)  There are five projects completed to date and LWS has bid on over $11M of pending construction projects.
Investor opportunity:  We are seeking up to $750K in outside funding to finance steel production tooling, product certifications, patent protection of new technology, business development staff, and establishment of sales and marketing channels.
Key IP: IP consists of patents (pending) protecting the light gauge steel, concrete and insulation composite technology for floor and wall framing.  Additional provisional patents cover innovations to incorporate high strength materials for long span structures, on-site concrete/steel panel fabrication and mobile manufacturing technology.

Primary Products: Composite steel & concrete floor & wall framing, LWS turnkey building systems including all materials, training, support, and licensed engineering design tools.

Target Market: The initial target is the commercial and residential green building sector, projected to grow to $80B over the next 5 years.  Providing a sustainable building product that saves time and cost positions us favorably for the upturn in this market.  Additional market sectors include the commercial and institutional single and multi-story market ($250B), and the residential market ($190B).
Business Drivers:

  • Market acceptance and demand for Green building materials and Green building practices
  • Increased energy costs driving demand for significant building energy efficiency improvements
  • Escalating material and construction costs
  • Tight IP portfolio to secure non-exclusive licensees and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage through 2nd and 3rd generation technologies
  • Securing strategic sales channel partners

Competition (or partners?):

  • Precast concrete (Spancrete, Slender Wall)
  • Tilt-up concrete wall (Doyle, Newcomb)
  • ICF systems (Reward,ECO-Block)
  • Decorative concrete wall (ICP, Stonecast)
  • Light Gauge Steel Framing (Dietrich, Clark)
  • Conventional construction methods (status quo)

Competitive Advantage: Our patent protected technology provides a lightweight yet stout alternative building system that saves 15-40% in construction cost and time while providing a 10+% boost in energy efficiency.  The FORTECO system simplifies installation of steel and concrete floor and wall framing, HVAC ductwork, electrical and plumbing.  Our versatile design uses recycled materials, provides for energy efficiency including in-floor heating, super insulated walls and floors, and low cost custom facade finishing.

Key Team Members:  Jim Jendusa, P.E. invented the FORTECO system and spun out LWS in 2005 from Jendusa Engineering which he began in 2000.  GIS, a large steel fabricator in WI has acted as an incubator for LWS.  Combined Jendusa and GIS has over 60 years of design-build construction experience.

Please review the video below for a great investment opportunity. Interested investors should contact:

Jim Jendusa
Phone: 262-264-6343
FAX: 866-326-1552