Lightweight Structures Technology

prototype-testingFeatures & Benefits

Green Built Features of FORTECO LCF System

  • Made from Recycled Materials
    • Steel is made from 100% recycled materials
    • Deck is made from either EPS material with 15% recycled content or from Mineral Wool material with up to 90% recycled content
    • Concrete – Can use fly ash, recycled fibers and recycled aggregate
  • Insulation adds High R-value built-in at no additional cost
  • Non-Toxic materials – Inert; No off gassing; No toxic fumes in case of fire
  • Fire Resistant – Non-combustible option with up to 4 hour fire rating
  • Ideal platform for in-floor heating using efficient boilers or geothermal heat pumps
  • Cost savings on installation; Lower energy bills with reduced floor to floor heat loss
  • Fabricated within 500 miles of or at job site; Lightweight with lower shipping costs

FortEco-picAdded Benefits include:

  • Lightweight, easy to handle and install; No shoring or special equipment needed
  • Easy to field modify; Up to 20” wide openings without affecting structure
  • Corrosion resistant and not affected by mold or insects
  • Can be used in walls including tilt-up and architectural precast panels
  • Worldwide market using abundant labor force & no special equipment
  • Doesn’t hold water or Ice
  • Can pour concrete in low temperatures; No temporary enclosures or heat needed


Contact us for pricing information.


  • Lightweight Structures will provide full scale testing of commercial floor installations including strength testing, sound testing and vibration testing
  • Lightweight structures will provide full scale mockup samples of commercial wall panel installations as requested
  • Lightweight Structures can provide a whole building energy analysis including payback calculations for geothermal and solar panel installations
  • Lightweight Structures can provide pricing for Architectural Design, Construction Management and Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing installations as

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